Frequently Asked Questions


When will my order arrive?

Orders take 2-5 days to process and the shipping time depends where you are in the world, thank you for your patience!

All shipping estimates are approximated. 

Canada: 3-7 business days

US: 2-3 weeks

International: 4-6 weeks

How can I track my order?

In most cases, we rely on untracked shipping to keep the postage affordable for everyone. If you would like to include tracking, please make a note during checkout or fill out a contact form here.

I still haven't received my order...

At the moment, postage can be quite delayed due to current circumstances so please be patient with your order! If you are concerned about your order status, fill out the contact form with your name and order number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What is your return policy?

Unfortunately at this time we do not accept any returns! We are a small business and currently don't have the means to offer them, but let us know if you have any concerns via email and we will do our best to help you!

My order is lost or damaged...

If your package arrives damaged, give us an email and we are happy to replace the products for you!

Let us know if you believe your package has been lost in the mail, they are typically sent back to us so we can mail them again if necessary!


Do you take custom orders or commissions?

Commissions for individuals aren't accepted at this time. If you are a business, please reach out to for more information!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, I do! Get in touch at and let's chat!

Where are your products made and shipped from?

All the art prints you see are printed made to order in my own little art studio. Everything else is either produced locally or in Canada, and it all gets shipped from Vancouver, BC!



Who is behind Colordrunk?

Dory is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. You can find her on Instagram as @bigbluetang where she first started painting her Pantone challenges. The name "bigbluetang" comes from an uncanny resemblance to the character in Finding Nemo, short-term memory and all!

How did you develop your style?

It took me a while to realize that an art style is a constant process that is changing just as you are as a person. Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas, look around for inspiration, and keep asking yourself if you’re happy with what you’re making. Just a few months ago, I was experimenting with every illustration style imaginable and never would I have known that I’d be painting, but I love where the experimenting took me.

How do I grow my art as a business?

Whenever I feel stuck with my art or business, I always go back to the basics! Ask yourself the reason for creating whether it’s to inspire others, tell a story, or just to get better with art. If you ever start feeling like the numbers and specs are starting to weigh in, remember to be present in the process, step back, and rethink how you can return to your true purpose. Only then will your business come from a place of authenticity and passion.